Project Management & Procedures in Dubbo


Let our licensed team handle your project

For some, knowing the project is being handled is all they need. However, others require exact updates on the progress, what the construction site looks like, and how long it will all take to complete. At BLD Constructions, we understand the need for clients to stay informed. That's why we use "Co Construct", a software program that makes it easy for you to check in on your project. Our clients can log into their account and look at the photos of the construction site. These photos are uploaded weekly (in most cases) and help to show the progress that is being made.
Beyond that, a project completion percentage will be included on your account dashboard (i.e. 50% completed) to help you understand how much is left to finish. Inside of the "Co Construct" platform, you can even upload custom builds, allowing you to submit your plan/expectation for approval. If you provide a plan that’s too large or small, you will be alerted to work with another company better suited for the project.
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Benefits of the Co Construct Program

  • Weekly status updates
  • Progress indicator
  • Progress photos
  • Plan submissions
  • Detailed knowledge without having to be on-site
  • Project management details in real-time
BLD Constructions has worked with hundreds of satisfied clients since 2004. While we would love to take on every project, that's not what we do. Our goal is to provide exceptional service for every client. If the project scope is too big or small, it would require us to make adjustments that could compromise our commitment to customer satisfaction and quality.

Every customer is important to us! That's why we want to talk with you about your project. We will be open and honest with you regarding costs, timelines and expectations. To get in touch with us, call or use our online contact form. We want to help you find the best solution for all of your construction needs.