New Home Construction Dubbo & Orange

Ongoing Construction of a New House — Construction & Renovation Services in Dubbo, NSW

Get the home of your dreams

We are a full-service residential construction company that can help you build the dream home you've always wanted. We manage the project from start-to-finish, doing our best to keep everything in-house. We do this to ensure quality and consistency for all our clients—when you have too many hands in the pot, things can go wrong.

When you choose BLD Constructions, you'll get a company with a long history of satisfied customers, experience beyond training and unmatched quality.

Time Management & Job Progress Updates

We can handle jobs of all size. We understand the importance of getting into your new home quickly, which is why we provide an up-to-date customised dashboard through our "Co Construct" software platform.
From there, you can keep up with the progress of your new dream home without having to get dirty or dusty. Since we keep everything in-house, we're able to maintain a consistent pace of work as we don't depend on outside contractors and conflicting work schedules.

Costs & Materials

As we've worked with hundreds of suppliers since 2004, we've developed great relationships that we're able to use for our benefit (and yours too). These relationships allow us to leverage specialised discounts we pass along to you.
While we aren't the cheapest, we're able to source the highest quality materials at more affordable costs when compared to less favourable materials from another contractor.

Warranties & Resolutions

Since we handle everything in-house, we warranty our work in the event something goes wrong. We are fully licensed, insured and certified. As such, we'll make sure to fix any issue that comes up before we wrap up.
Contractors that have multiple companies working for them cannot offer this type of guarantee—they are bound to the agreement with each company. We aren't bound by such problematic agreements. That's why you should choose BLD Constructions for your residential construction and renovation needs.

A few more benefits of choosing BLD Constructions:

  • Realtime access to progress
  • Trained & certified employees
  • Years of construction experience
  • Licensed & insured
  • Able to work on projects up to $3 Million
  • Start-to-finish solutions
Now, let's talk about your residential construction needs. If you've been looking for a residential contractor to help build your dream home, BLD Constructions is here to help. Give us a call or use our online contact form to find out what's next!